Career Profile

Over 7 years of work experience including 4 years in developing Android applications and 3 years working on Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Main area of experience is in native Android application development with the use of Java & Kotlin.

Currently pursuing post-graduation at Lambton college in Toronto, in Mobile Application Design & Development. Apart from application development I have good hold on product conceptualization & POC, prototyping & wireframing mobile apps, database design, Design patterns, designing system architecture etc.

I believe, it's all about learning how to learn quickly!

Skills & Proficiencies

  • Platforms: Android Mobile, Android TV, Android Auto, Android SDK, Universal Windows Platform & Windows Desktop.
  • Cross-Platform Tools: Flutter, Xamarin
  • Languages: Java, Kotlin, JavaScript, C#
  • SDKs: Android Jetpack, Firebase, Retrofit, Glide, Exoplayer, Dagger, Gson
  • Version Control: GIT, SVN, Azure DevOps
  • IDE: Android Studio, Visual Studio, VS Code, Eclipse, Netbeans, Dreamweaver
  • Database: MySQL, SQLite, SQL server
  • Frontend & Web: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap, Wordpress
  • Cloud Services: AWS (EC2 insance, S3 buckets), Microsoft Azure
  • Designing Tools: Sketch & Photoshop
  • Agile Software Development Methodology using JIRA, Trello
  • Experience in implementing MVVM architecture and Design Patterns.


Consultant Mobile Engineer

March 2017 - May 2020
  • Contributing in development of JioSaavn - music streaming application for Android mobile, Android TV and Windows 10 (UWP) application. Languages I've used for android are Java and later Kotlin with xml and for Windows I've used C# with XAML.
  • Apart from development of application I've been involved in designing the product and development of POC for certain features to be included in public release later.
  • Technology and domains includes streaming service, Music player (locally), SDK development & integrating 3rd party SDKs, MVVM framework.
  • In-depth use of Ad integration from various sources, DRM, proguard, Leanback library (for Android TV app), social network integration, firebase & user journey tracking (events tracking).

Sr. Software Engineer

March 2016 - March 2017
  • I worked on Android application development of core products of the company, Jugnoo autos- an auto rikshaw hailing app, Jugnoo Pay - UPI based app, Jugnoo Fresh & Jugnoo Meals - groceries and food delivery application.
  • Company primarily focuses on solution of hyper local market with domain transport system, delivery system, payment solution and POS system.
  • Core technologies used for product development are Location tracing, Google map Integration, Chat box built on Socket connection, REST API consumption, external SDK integration etc.
  • Apart from main projects of the company, we've developed a POS sytem for local vendors with medium level features and easy to use UI. This POS system integrates seamlessly with other products of the company. I've also worked on UPI payment integration for the product Jugnoo Pay which was a payment app.

Brand Experiences Manager

October 2015 - March 2016
Reliance Jio Infocomm - Mumbai, India
  • I was working with Jio Branding team and my core responsibility was to provide technical support to the Designing and higher Managerial team to design the product.
  • After conceptualization of the products, I was involved in the team to prototype android applications natively and generate the best User experience.
  • Here I've worked on many prototyping and wireframing tools like axure, photoshop, sketch, adobe xd and android studio for native prototypes. Apart from that we’re using Titanium Appcelerator tool to develop cross-platform prototypes.

Software Engineer

October 2014 - October 2015
  • Company products are mainly based on online tender management and online auctions. Here I was developing Windows mobile application of company's two major products TenderTiger & AuctionTiger.
  • As a Windows Developer I was working on Windows Phone app and later on Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application which runs on both Windows Mobile and Windows Desktop platforms.
  • Languages used in these projects were C# and XAML with several 3rd party SDKs and Windows phone toolkit.

Software Engineer

February 2013 - October 2014
Simform Solutions Pvt Ltd - Ahmedabad, India
  • As the company being service based company, I've worked on several projects in many different domains and developed Windows Phone, Windows 8 & Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications.
  • Some of the various domains I've worked on are Compression technology, Image & Video Processing technologies (including video generation using frames), PDF rendering (PDF reader app), Activity Tracking System (i.e. employee tracking systems for windows desktop users), 3D model rendering in Windows desktop platform, native game development in UWP.
  • Windows platforms and technologies I've used here are, UWP, Windows Phone 8 and 8.1, Windows Desktop with WPF and WCF services, Java Swing, Core Java, .NET framework,, XAML and Windows Azure.


Here are some of the Projects I did apart from my full time work.

MEC India :
  • Cross-Platform application for Android, iPhone & Windows using Xamarin
  • Massively Empowered Classroom was an initiative by Microsoft India Research Department (MECR) to bring education courses online.
Gensuite Mobile :
  • Native Android App – in depth use of WebView with JavaScript
  • EHS software solutions for massive corporation, project through UpWork, for Gensuite LLC.
Videoshop :
  • Native UWP application using C++ lib for Video editing
  • Video generation and editing API in C++ and C# using Frames on windows platform.
8 Zip :
  • Native UWP application using compression technology.
  • open and extract any kind of compressed files like RAR, ZIP, 7zip, 7z, ZipX, Iso, Cab
PDF Reader :
  • Native UWP app to view and edit (annotate) PDF documents.
  • Individually developed this product to learn PDF operations and Iniking API.
Jo Baka :
  • Native Windows 8 Mobile application to create and share meme.
  • This application uses image generation/processing APIs